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Alex Lopez (Senior Principal Mass Properties Engineer)

In this interview, Alex Lopez, a senior principal mass properties engineer, shares his incredible journey from being laid off to achieving major success in the financial world. With his wealth of experience and knowledge, Alex offers invaluable advice and tips for navigating the ups and downs of the financial world and life in general.  Join us as Alex opens up about his struggles, including the challenges he faced when he was first laid off from his job, and how he managed to overcome those obstacles to achieve his goals. He shares his insights into the world of finance, including tips for saving money, building wealth, and investing wisely.T hroughout the interview, Alex offers practical advice and words of wisdom for the younger generation, including the importance of education, hard work, and perseverance. Whether you're just starting out in your career or looking to take your finances to the next level, this interview is a must-watch for anyone looking to achieve success in the financial world. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. Tune in now to hear Alex's amazing story and gain valuable insights into the world of finance!


Alyssa Carson

Alyssa Carson, also known as NASA Blueberry, is a young woman making waves in the world of space exploration. At just 23 years old, Carson has already made history as the first and only person to have completed all three levels of NASA's Planetary Protection Officer training. 

Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Carson developed a love for space at a young age. She attended space camp multiple times and, at the age of 16, became the first person to attend all seven NASA space camps around the world. Her dedication to her dream of becoming an astronaut led her to earn a degree in Aerospace Engineering at the International Space University. In addition to her impressive educational background, Carson has also gained real-world experience in the field of space exploration. She has participated in numerous space-related projects and internships, including a research project at the Johnson Space Center and a simulated Mars mission in the desert of Dubai.

Carson's ultimate goal is to be part of the first human mission to Mars, and she is well on her way to achieving it. In 2019, she was selected as one of the finalists for the Mars One mission, a private endeavor to establish a permanent human settlement on the Red Planet. Although the mission has faced setbacks, Carson remains determined to be a part of the team that will make the human exploration of Mars a reality. Carson's journey serves as an inspiration to young people everywhere, proving that with hard work and determination, anyone can achieve their dreams, no matter how out of this world they may seem. She is a testament to the limitless potential of the human spirit and a role model for aspiring astronauts and space enthusiasts everywhere. Currently, she has 500,000 thousand followers on Instagram and continues to inspire the next generation through her work.  In this interview, she provides advice regarding the importance of personal finances and her tips to become more financially stable. 

Interview with Alyssa Carson

Alyssa Carson, an influence for many, has some valuable advice for students on financial literacy and pursuing their dreams.

In regards to financial literacy, Carson states that it is important to "get started with some type of student account as early as possible, learn important skills such as budgeting & saving, and maybe even get a job to be able to experience firsthand how to manage money." She also believes that financial education should be taught in K-12 schooling, including topics such as "balancing a checkbook, credit check, and credit cards." Carson also shares her own strategy for saving money, stating that she looks for "bonds that pay 9.72% and are tax-deductible with 100% US government guarantee." She believes that this is a great opportunity for saving. In addition to financial literacy, Carson is also passionate about astrobiology and the potential of being one of the first people to set foot on Mars. She is eager to study the possibility of bacterial life on Mars and her ultimate goal is to discover life on another planet. For students looking to pursue their dreams, Carson advises them to "find subjects in school you like, find careers in that subject, then begin to search for your dream job. Talk to others about your passion, then work hard at it, never give up and never let anyone take your dream away from you."

Overall, Alyssa Carson's advice highlights the importance of financial literacy and pursuing one's passions in order to achieve success and reach long-term goals. By starting to save and manage money early, as well as actively pursuing one's interests, students can set themselves up for a bright future.