Our Mission

For the last 100 years, students have been taught subjects such as math, reading, science, etc. However, one skill that has been neglected in education is financial literacy.  Consequently, students are not informed about saving, budgeting, investing, and other financial tips that ultimately set them up for the future. Brevard Finance for Youth is an organization created and developed to teach students who primarily attend Title-1 schools to set them up for a successful financial future. 



321 Digital 

321 Digital is a growing marketing agency driven by passionate thinkers who work closely with each brand to create strategies that produce unparalleled results.


A eco-friendly clothing manufacturer focused towards sustainability and a cleaner planet.

Meet The President

Rushil Shah, a 12th-grade student at West Shore Jr./Sr. High School is the president and founder of Brevard Finance for Youth Inc. His passion for the vast world of finance stems back to elementary and middle school when he attempted to scale numerous ventures including FashPad LLC, an eco-friendly clothing brand, and 321 Digital, a digital marketing agency. While these produced adequate results, he wanted to make more of a meaningful impact. Throughout Brevard, STEM education is quite prominent, however, due to the lack of teaching regarding skills such as budgeting, saving, etc, many children are not set up for a successful financial future. Having a mother who is an assistant principal at a Title-1 school, he was able to visualize the educational and resource disparity between the students at private and choice schools versus those who attend these Title-1 funded schools. After years of curriculum development, he is now visiting schools where he gives presentations and hosts workshops with the hope to ensure a successful financial future for the next working generation. In July 2022, he published his first short book based on the core curriculum and teaching of this orginization. With it being available on Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Rakuten, etc, he hopes he will be able to make an impact on a national level. In his spare time, Rushil enjoys playing soccer, watching football & basketball, and web design.